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15 February, 2009

Keluhuran Perlembagaan II

It seems that UMNO and BN are now trying to shift the people’s eyes from their illegitimate Perak state-government to Karpal’s decision to take legal action against Sultan Azlan Shah.


Even secondary-school students, they are taught in history subject, that the rulers can be sued in court of their official capacities. So, it’s ridiculous for certain people to make it as an issue by manipulating the story and to lodge police reports against Karpal. Interestingly, the police did accept such reports and had questioned Karpal as well for two hours in connection with 89 reports which had been lodged against him nationwide for his decision to take legal action against Sultan Azlan Shah.


What a shame on UMNO and BN who rule the country for more than a half-century, but still failed to act according to the Constitution, the highest law and the foundation of the nation.


People are also amazed that when UMNO’s people held their so-called peaceful demonstration, it will rarely for someone to be arrested. And although its demonstrators were often carrying placards with abusive language, it will still be reflected as peaceful by Utusan newspaper. But when its “politics enemies” held peaceful demonstration, there’re always some are arrested and it will be reflected as aggressive demonstration by the mainstream media.


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