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The Real Patriot's Voice

26 March, 2009

Responds to Andrew and Anonymous

Well, I received comments from Andrew and Anonymous two weeks ago. Thanks to them for commenting here.


Andrew was commented on “Nik Aziz says ‘bumiputera’ term is racist”. His comment:


Try to test on your own!!! "Are you really a patriot?"

Question-- Have you ever "littering" even a small piece of candy's cover from the day you thought you are a Patriot???

You do not have to answer me, just answer yourself and it can show how much you love Malaysia!!!

It's GOOD that you show all the weaknesses of our Malaysia Government in here, typical Malaysian will feel exciting here coz you sound their mind!!! But your act do not show that you can take part in Politics!!!

"A Real Patriot" will not only sound out the citizen's mind, but the Government also!!!

A Real Patriot, will make citizens understand the Government, make the Government understands the citizens!!!

If you love Malaysia, don't provoke the citizens, try to show WHY & What's going in the Government, and give your Suggestion on HOW TO IMPROVE OUR MALAYSIA'S WEAKNESSES!!!


My respond to Andrew:


I can proudly say that I have never littered even a small piece of candy’s cover.


Well, I’m here not provoking the Malaysian, but I am here to wake up the Malaysian with my little will. As a real patriot, I am really concerned if UMNO/BN still in ruling. This is not because I’m opposing UMNO/BN without any reason, but there’re thousands of rationales. Just roughly give an example, the bodies which should act independently, had shown that they aren’t independent from the executive body. And sincerely, it’s hard for me to find good thing of UMNO/BN to tell people here, because the UMNO/BN’s dirtiness have indeed prevailed all its other things.


P/S: The post that you commented on is not my writing, but it’s a news source from “The Malaysian Insider”.


Meanwhile, Anonymous was commented on “The Transport System”. His/Her comment:


Hi, to be honest to you, I'm not really agree that you said JPJ or government was wrong in "Compound of RM300"!

Let me ask you, "Are you preparing to pay for it?"

I never think about how much is the fine, coz I will wear the rear seat safety belt whenever I sit behind from the day the rule start!!!

Actually, if you really a patriot, pls try to educate/help/showing what is the right way, to our citizens, but not blamming the rule!!! thx.


My respond to Anonymous:


Well, I would like to emphasize that I am not opposing the rule to wear rear seat belts as it can reduces the risk of rear passengers from being injured or even death when an accident happened. But what I opposing here is the amount of fine.


In that article, my opinion is based on the overall Malaysian which was not educated for wearing the rear seat belts from the past and have not accustomed yet to do so. So, it's not wonder for Malaysian to forget to wear rear seat belts for the early stage. And thus, it should start with a cheaper fine. Can’t the fine be cheaper for the beginning?


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